First day of school in a homemade dress inspired by the national costume

 Lili Chemnitz is 26 years and mother to 5 year old Aidan and bonus mother to Isabella of 6 years.
– I grew up in Nuuk and has lived in Denmark since I was a teenager. I have learned to take the best from both countries and did not feel that one country is better than the other.
– I feel no one culture is better than the other. People can adapt very much, and connections to several countries can be used as a strength.
– I thought it would be cool to combine the Greenlandic and Danish side in the first school day outfit, I made for my girlfriend’s daughter Isabella when she started school.
– I remember how much the first day of school meant to me when I was a kid, and that I was very proud to have the national costume on at that occation.
Dress instead of Greenland national costume
– It looks just so sweet, when all the children wear national costumes on their first day of school. But it would be wrong for Isabell, a if she should wear the national costume in 20 degree heat, here in Denmark where we live, as the suit can be quite warm.
– In addition Isabella should not feel too different, as all the other girls had summer dresses.
The dress
I spent a long time studying the national costume and draw different ideas. So I ordered a nice red summer dress on the web. Then I spent a long time trying to find the right fabrics and buttons.
As an option, I have made several belts in various materials, and found Greenland necklaces, including some at Kulukis beads. So I decorated with flower stickers, braids, etc. And all had to fit with the fact, that Isabella wanted her beloved Hello Kitty ballerina shoes on.
Passion for Greenland
I love to play with all sorts of materials, but have not worked much with making clothes. I have been painting, written poetry, taken pictures with SLR cameras and edited images.
Now I’m in the process of writing a story, which I hope will be published and printed one day. It’s about a female Qivittoq / loner. I have so much, I want to express.
We are all stars
I have always Greenland with me, but would like to do things my own way. In a way that is open to other cultures and societies, so I do not stand still in one place.
I think that my most important message is, we are all born under the same stars, and there is room for us all in the universe.