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Summer weather on Greenland’s west coast leads to many things

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04 JUNE 2012
Summer has arrived in Greenland. Not quietly, but with a resounding sunshine from one week to another.
Photo: Pia Broberg                                                   Photo: Inge Olsvig Brandt               Photo: Otto 
                                                                                                                                  Leander Strømman
With more than 20 degrees celsius in several places in Greenland, people make BBQ outside in the evening, go on boattrips or hike in the mountains.
Photo: Krista Johnsdottir Kruse
Green Greenland
With the good weather, the snow are melted away in many places, giving extra water to rivers and waterfalls.
While South Greenland already is green and the first potato plants set, they further up the coast welcome the first blossoms.
Photo: Lars Christiansen                                             Photo: Jytte Lindskov Jacobsen
Nature’s treasures
Lumpfish season has been underway for some time, and the tasty roe is available in many cities.
In the fjords in Greenland, there are plenty of mussels and the only thing you need to include is the cookware to be able to enjoy them quite fresh.
Small Cod in the fjord. Photo: Pia Broberg 
Summer Guests
With the good weather is also the whales surfaced. They fish in the fjords, where they can be seen jump out of the water.
Photo: Klaus Eugenius
Far down they form a cylinder of air bubbles, that acts as a »net«, to keep the collection of krill and small fish inside.
Photo: Klaus Eugenius 
Photo: Klaus Eugenius
Then they take turns, and open the gap to swim up through the »net«, so they are often seen breaking the surface with enough speed to get out of the water, often with half-open mouth, and the water gushing out before it closes in on the catch.
Photo: Klaus Egede
For the second time this year, the capital, Nuuk been visited by a bear, which is far away from their normal habitat in eastern and northern Greenland.
In South Greenland it is (almost) normal that polar bears are seen, drifting with the ice from the East Coast. In the capital, it happens rarely, and this year’s polar bears are in both cases been shot because of the danger for the population.
Photo: Tina Hinrup Kristiansen
Weather Forecast
The clear weather will continue for some days, but temperatures are forecasted to fall again during this week, to more normal summer weather in Greenland.
One thing the weather can not change though; there are now midnight sun in northern Greenland.
Midnight sun in disko bay. Photo: Else Olsvig
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