Pilu Egede Nielsen

23 years old, studying eskimology at Copenhagen University
Are you following our Greenland Fashion page on facebook?
I follow when something new comes up. I think the page is really good because it has a bit of everything. As a tourist it can be very nice to get a little deeper insight into the population. It shows not only the traditional values, but also today’s youth, which I think is really good.
Do you care about fashion?
Fashion is important to me. My clothes and style shows who and how I am as a person. Sometimes I feel like, having the most relaxed and comfortable clothes on, and other days I give it full throttle with nice clothes and nice makeup. It depends on my mood.
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What are you passionate about: your clothes, shoes, watches, glasses, etc. ..?
Yes. I think my style is always changing. previously I had a clean style that was spiced up with jewelry. Today it is the small details in my clothes that help to spice up my outfit.
When I’m at a party, I like big earrings and a small bag. Previously, I had tight little dresses for parties, but now it’s jeans and high heel shoes. When you feel comfortable in the clothes you wear, you look the best.
What is most important for you to look good?
The hair. I’ve had long hair for many years, but now that I have short hair, the hair is the first priority. I use lipstick for everyday use, to highlight my lips and blush on the cheeks, to highlight my cheekbones. I think it’s important to highlight what you like best about yourself.
Do you have any favorite brands?
Vila, minimum.
Where do you shop the most?
Since I am a student I go for the cheapest. H & M and Gina Tricot are my favorites. If there is something expensive I really want, I search for it on dba.dk or trendsales.
Have you considered becoming a model?
No. I’ve tried to be a model for fur and fur products once. It was very fun, but not something I want to do professionally. It is usually thin models with long legs, you see appear in the media, and my body is not thin with long legs. I have more female forms.
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What do you notice first on when you meet a man?
Whether he is tall and slightly muscular. With big and strong hands. That I like in a man.
Do you have any »idols« when it comes to fashion?
No. I am inspired by people I see on the streets and in various women’s magazines.
It is important to be yourself. The most fascinating and exciting people I’ve met, had their own style! Do not copy too much. It’s the little details that count.
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Hot or Not:
Tatoo? HOT! Especially sleeves on men.
Piercings? It depends on where – and how many.
Other body decorations? Not
Hats? Hot. Of course, it also depends on how they look and how people use them.
Strong colors? Hot! sparingly.
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