Image courtesy Eric Rignot and Jérémie Mouginot

New Icecap Map

A new digital map shows the ice motion across Greenlands icecap.
By greenland today
13 JULY 2012
The map is Assembled from carefully calibrated satellite measurements gathered during the recent International Polar Year (2008–2009).
Help to other scientists
Map creators Eric Rignot and Jérémie Mouginot of the University of California, Irvine, say the greatest value of their compilation is that it will help other scientists improve maps of ice thickness, which remain far less comprehensive, in a issue of the University’s Geophysical Research Letters.
Future sea-level
Understanding both motion and thickness of Greenland’s ice are key to predicting its fate, and that’s something that matters a lot, to the worlds future sea-level.
In light of other recent studies indicating that both Greenland and Antarctica are losing ice at an accelerating pace, Rignot and Mouginot recommend producing new maps for both ice sheets every year.
Source: Discovery News by Sarah Simpson