Two »scientist« in Greenland to see if they can save the worlds glaciers…

If everyone who looks at climate change, save the world’s glaciers, and all who live in a tent outside a Greenlandic town is on the expedition, the world is forced to invent new words to describe the old concepts.
By Mads Nordlund, greenland today
15 MAY 2012
In a time where TV is the most widely used media, and all have at least one profile on facebook or a private or blog of their time on earth, many climate scientists – perhaps for the same reason – has a trend of great self-fashioning. This film is no exception.
For example, in the beginning of the movie where the speaker says: »A glaciologist and a physicist traveled to Greenland to see how they can save the world’s glaciers.« Yes, How? It’s a good question. Do they throw lifebuoys out to the glaciers? Could’nt they just look at the effects of climate change?
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Great pictures
See this movie anyway. Simply because of the unique pictures from the ice cap. And out of respect for people hanging from ropes above a glacier outflow. Even though they have chosen to climb there themselves….