Najannguaq Jørgensen

26 years old, studying in Aarhus
Background, interests, upbringing
I was born in Maniitsoq and raised there and in Nuuk. I am very passionate about my education, and I love the nature in Greenland.
I enjoy boating in the fjords, fishing and hunting. My love for nature probably started in my childhood, since my father brought me along when he went hunting, because I was good at spotting seals.
Najannguaq is a Medical student in her 5th semester.
What do you enjoy making?
I wanted to buy a annoraaq, but the ones in the stores did not appeal to me not. Then I got the idea to sew an annoraaq myself. I made that last year, and I was very pleased with the result. I have also sewn pants, and costumes for halloween.
I would sew more if I owned a sewing machine, and hopefully I will get one soon, so I can do that.
What does fashion mean to you?
Fashion doesn’t play a big role in my daily life, but when I go shopping, I enjoy looking at the latest trends in different stores.
Are you passionate about your clothes? Shoes? Bags? something else?
I care about what I wear matches, except the shoes, because I have my absolute favorite adidas sneakers I wear almost every day.
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Accessories – jewelry, necklaces, head bands, rings, earrings, watches, glasses, etc…?
I love sunglasses … I have nine pairs of sunglasses, three watches and a lot of earrings.
What is most important for you to look good?
Eye make-up is certainly a must to look good, but to radiate inner beauty is more important.
Do you have any favorite brands?
Jeans: G-Star RAW, Outdoor: Haglöfs
Where to shop the most?
H & M
Do you have any »idols« when it comes to style?
Bibi Chemnitz, she has good style and I really like her design, – I love it.
Hot or not
Strong colors? hot
Recycled materials? hot!
Greenlandic designs and symbols? hot
Your own favorite things or symbol? My keychain from Mt. fuji