How to follow the Arctic Winter Games 2012

27. FEB 2012
If you are interested in Arctic sports and culture, the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Arctic Winter Games(AWG) in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada, soon begins.
– The Arctic Winter Games is an international celebration of northern sport, culture and friendship, who have existed since 1970, according to the AWG organisation.
From march 4 – 12, 2012 there will be pleanty to watch on Arctic Winter Games facebook site, twitter profile or YouTube Channel. See all links at the end of this article.
Arctic Sports(inuit) are a powerful test of one’s own capabilities both physically and mentally, and the »Dene Games«(indian) are what really sets the AWG apart from other winter competitions.
Alpine Skiing has disciplines for both genders in slalom, dual slalom and giant slalom.
Badminton, Cross Country Skiing, Curling, Figure Skating, Hockey, Volleyball are all some of the ten sports selected for the inaugural Games in 1970.
Biathlon are the combination of two very contradictory disciplines, skiing or snowshoeing, and shooting.
Dog mushing competition in the AWG is the sprint type, with four-dog teams.
Gymnastics entered the Arctic Winter Games as a sport in 1982 in Fairbanks.
Snowboarding are the only sport that has been added to the Arctic Winter Games since 1988.
Snowshoeing – imagine sprinters or medium-distance runners and then add snowshoes.
Speed skating has been a staple sport in the Arctic Winter Games since 1984.
Table Tennis where the competitive level of table tennis has risen markedly.
Wrestling includes both free and Inuit styles, with the latter restricted to upper-body.
Also more »well known« sports like Basketball and Soccer are part of the Arctic Winter games.
See the full sports schedule <here>
Team Greenland
Greenland has been participating in the Arctic Winter Games since 1990. Greenland hosted the event in its capital, Nuuk, for the first time in 2002.
Greenland sends around 130 participants and coaches to this Arctic Winter Games. 
Participating Teams by regions
Team Alaska, Team Alberta North, Team Greenland, Team Nunavut, Team Northwest Territories, Team Nunavik Quebec, Nunavik-Quebec, Team Yamal, Team Sápmi, Team Yukon
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