Camping with children in Greenland

 Last summer, Jens-Pavia Brandt and Nini Frydkjær went out into the mountains around Kangerlussuaq together with the girls Liva and Sika, for four weeks. Read their story here.

From greenland today, March 2012
As soon as the aircraft arrived at Kangerlussuaq in the morning, we went over to the local store to buy provisions. Then we took a taxi as far out as you can drive, to Tasersuatsiaq(Lake Ferguson).
Pure water
To make the hike as much fun and as exciting as possible, we took breaks at short intervals and the girls found it interesting that the water was so clear that you could lie down and drink from the lake.
The camp
– Our campsite was next to a stream with a wonderful view of Tasersuatsiaq. The stream gave us water for drinking, cooking, washing-up and personal washing and in addition, functioned as a refrigerator, because we put our two waterproof bags into the stream, to cool our food supplies.
– There are many days in the mountains when the temperature reaches more than 20˚C.
Water World
– The girls spent the first days taking ownership of the place. The stream was some-thing special and each day they discovered something new there. It was a very special stream.
Time flies
– The first 14 days passed quickly. Without TV, computers and games the girls had to use their imaginations and they found various branches, reindeer antlers and musk ox horns, all of which were good to play with.
Inquisitive reindeer
– On one of our walks, there was a very inquisitive reindeer. Until then, we had only seen one in the distance, but we had seen plenty of musk oxen. The girls were able to get very close to the reindeer, before it slowly went on its way.
The influence of nature
It was lovely to see how the children’s imagination flourished during the trip. At home, they could become bored in a room filled with toys. Here, we never heard that they were bored. The mountains, rocks, the streams, reindeer antlers and what they could otherwise find outdoors became, with their imagination, the best toys.
Camping life
There are many practical chores when you live outdoors. We had to collect firewood and do the cooking over an open fire, we had to fetch water and pick berries and mushrooms.
We played cards, explored, read and told stories and talked a lot – which we do not always do on a daily basis or on other types of holiday.
Midtnight sun
We probably had too little sleep, because it was light round the clock, but we had a great holiday and we will definitely go camping again in Greenland.
Jens-Pavia Brandt and Nini Frydkjær have now started the company Greenland Outdoors in Kangerlussuaq, where they arrange day tours in Greenland  and help with the practicalities of planning so everyone can have the opportunity to experience camping in the wilds of Greenland.
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