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An information service will ease mobility between the Nordic countries for people and for small companies

Text: Mads Nordlund, greenland today, July 2016

The Nordic Council of Ministers has established »Hello Norden« as part of their information service with offices in all the capitals of the Nordic countries, including Greenland. These offices will provide assistance regarding job applications, re-locating, work and residence permits, licences, medical assistance and much more.

»Hello Norden« in Nuuk is housed at NAPA – the Nordic Institute’s Greenland offices in Katuaq. Here, there is an employee who answers e-mail queries and helps people who call in person. In all, the office responded to 3,000 queries in 2015, of which 10% were about Greenland.

Opening Greenland
-»Hello Norden« works to solve general problems associated with moving between the Nordic countries, explains Kitte Witting, who runs the office in Nuuk.

– It goes both ways. We get inquiries from people in Greenland who want to move to another Nordic country and from people from all Nordic countries who want to come to Greenland. »Hello Norden« will help to open Greenland.

– We want more people from all the Nordic countries to see what opportunities there are for working in Greenland.

– We have quite a few young Nordic people who come to study in Greenland at the university etc. It is a way of giving something back, for the many who have studied outside Greenland.

– It is good for Greenland’s own people to study or work in other Nordic countries. This is why we encourage young people, who may not be very good at English, to try to live in a Nordic country.

– They make inquiries here about many different things and we help them to find answers. For example about residence permits, telephone, bank, bringing dogs, the validity of driving licences etc.

– Lots of good, practical questions. If we cannot answer, we can usually refer to someone who can.

– In addition, we work with the Greenlandic Houses in Denmark and we take part in education fairs.

Exciting job
Kitte Witting is a good example of mobility between countries, since she moved to Greenland from Denmark in 1998. She is cand. phil. in Nordic languages and literature and speaks nordic.

In Greenland, she has worked for the Institute of Natural Resources with communication and with websites, as well as with the Environmental Agency’s projects. She has taught Danish and English at the university. In her spare time, Kitte uses nature a lot, for things like kayaking, hiking and skiing.

– I love Greenland and the job with »Hello Norden« gives me insight into a lot of interesting areas, ends Kitte Witting.

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