New book about Greenland’s wildlife

By greenland today, Photo Uri Golman
19 JUNE 2012
The Danish publisher Gyldendal are behind a fascinating book about Greenlands wildlife, with inspired writing and layout by Mogens Trolle and amazing photo from Uri Golman.
– We would like to convey fascination. That is why, we do not write everything about all animals, but focuses on the most interesting facts about some animals, Mogens Trolle explains.
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There are plenty of great photo in the new book »Greenlands Wildlife«.
Wide range
The book contains 77 species, including mammals, marine mammals, birds and the Greenland shark.
– We portray a wide selection, with focus on the animals that ordinary people have an opportunity to see in Greenland.
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Mogens Trolle on winter tour                 Uri Golman.
to East Greenland.
Both Uri Golman and Mogens Trolle has published books before.
– This cooperation is kind of an coincidence. We met four years ago, and found out that both of us wanted to make a book about Greenlands wildlife.
The result is almost 300 pages in the new book, with a thorough review of each species.
Experienced writers
Mogens TrolleE is an zoologist specializing in mammals, author, nature photographer and tour guide. He has mapped wildlife in a series of unexplored areas and work at the Natural History Museum in Denmark.
– I have experience from many years of traveling around the world including Antarctica, he says, but Greenland is a unique experience.
Uri Golman specializes in the Arctic, and won awards for his nature photography and visited Greenland on numerous trips.
– Since I was little I’ve always been fascinated by all that is wild, Uri says. I sat and daydreamed in school for hours about future experiences in the north, and the wildlife I was going to see. A dream that has now become a career.
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Uri Golman has won the »Natures Best« price for this photo, which made the cover of National Geographic.
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