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Photo by The Greenland Representation in the EU, Brussels.


Sustainable use of resources to ensure the welfare of Greenland

By greenland today, Brussels
28 NOV 2012 
Resources must ensure the welfare of Greenland. It was Naalakkersuisoq (Greenland Government's) Minister of Finance Maliina Abelsen's message to the European Parliament in Brussels on Monday evening.
Here she participated in a panel discussion following the Rio +20 and her involvement in »Re: think«, a film about sustainable development made by the European Environment Agency.
Greenland's own labor
- The economic benefits of any future mining industry will only be successful if we have trained our own labor, and the work can be done in the most reasonable way for the environment.
- The development must be based on the population of Greenland, said Maliina Abelsen.

Uniform debate
- Greenland's development is entering a new phase that interests our surroundings. Many express concerns on behalf of the environment and the population of Greenland, when mining in many other places in the world have not been sustainable.
- I share this concern. But often the debate is simplistic, where it is frightening images that dominate.
Strict rules
- The fact is that Greenland inspired by countries such as Canada and Norway have set tough conditions for mining both as regards environmental protection and taxation of mining companies.
- Things can always be done better, and therefore, Greenland continue to be open to working closely with other countries and the EU on the continued development of the mining sector in Greenland, Maliina Abelsen ends.
Photo by The Greenland Representation in the EU, Brussels.
Busy Minister
Maliina Abelsen also met with diplomatic representatives, lobbyists and people with an interest in the development of Greenland, as well as representatives from the EU OCT Member States, EU parliamentarians and others.
Greenland agreements with the EU faces a renewal. EU agreements is in excess of 320 million annually.

Start 22:26
Movie: »Planet RE:think«
The film tells the story of unsustainable resource use, from environmentally devastating mining in Canada to recycling of electronic waste in India which damages the health of workers.
The feature-length film also includes positive examples of »green economy« policies and business models, from Ecuador to South Africa.

Start 01:02
NOTE: The film lasts 1 hour and 25 minutes. Greenland is in several clips, including approx. 22 minutes into the movie, where Maliina Abelsen speak, and later 1 hour and 2 minutes into the movie where Adam Lyberth from Kangerlussuaq joins. The film is in English.

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