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The troubadour who refuses to be trendy

By Jacob Bech Andersen,
greenland today March 2012,
Photo by David Trood
Simon Lynge has worked many jobs, but now life is all about music. Read about the singer here, who is on the way to becoming Greenland’s first international star.

First album
Simon Lynge is a man who tries to embrace the present as well as the great and small splendours of life. It is the desire to live and to be in the present that is in many ways the focal point of his debut album: »The Future« from 2010. This  album attracted fine reviews in The Sunday Times and Rolling Stone and was given lots of time on BBC Radio 2.
The track »Love Comes Back to You« gained a place on the sound track of the American blockbuster film »American Pie«. There have also been many concerts all over the world, from LA to Nuuk, and the Glastonbury Festival in England.  

From pizza delivery boy to musician
Simon Lynge’s relaxed, 60s inspired sound has succeeded in attracting a great deal of international attention in England and the USA.
- I have always loved music. My father is a musician and my grandfather was a musician.
- I have worked with an incredible number of different things and today, I see it as a great gift with relation to my life experience and my music that I have been around so much, tells Simon Lynge about how he survived before his breakthrough as a musician.
Simon Lynge and his father Carl Lynge in Greenland summer 2012. Photo by Rebecca Reid/eyevine
Six-year-old performer
Simon Lynge was born in 1980 in Denmark. His mother is Danish and his father is from Greenland. When Simon Lynge was five years old, the family moved to Greenland, to the village of Alluitsoq. It was here, that the music really became a part of daily life.
At age six, Simon Lynge sang his first solo in the village’s small church. Almost all the villagers were in the audience.
- My mother always listened to names like Paul Simon, Bruce Spring-steen and Bob Dylan. My very first record was »I Just Called to Say I Love You« with Stevie Wonder, Simon remembers.
Not cool 
Through his teenage years, inspired by the great Americans, Simon Lynge began to find the sound he has today. A sound that both points back in time, but also goes well with the song-writing trend of the moment, where names like Jack Johnsson and Fleet Foxes are among the great stars. But thinking that Simon Lynge is modern, would not be strictly true.
- I am not cool. I am not trendy and I do not want to be. I am not very good at it either, and I don’t have the right attitude. 
- I am at a place in my life, where I can make a living with my music. I have very loyal fans, who come to my concerts and buy my records. I am very thankful for this.

Good connections
One of the reasons why Simon Lynge has a good shot at an international breakthrough is that he has met the right people in the music business at the right time. Among them is Michael Jackson’s former producer, Matt Forger.
Most of the songs on the coming album were written in extremely quiet surroundings – to be exact in a forest in the USA, just outside Port Townsend. Here, the Greenlandic songwriter has found a small house and a balance in his life with his wife and their little, three-year old son.
Simon Lynge is comfortable with the fact that it is often the Greenlander and Eskimo angle that is played in the media when his music is presented.
- It can be a little annoying that many critics have to weave the word Eskimo in, but I have no influence on this. People must write what they have to.
- I try to make as much good PR for Greenland as possible, Simon Lynge says.
- It would be cool, if the media could learn to write Greenlander or Inuit instead, but I should be judged primarily by my music and not by my genes, says Simon Lynge pensively.
More coming
Simon Lynge is not alone in representing Greenland musically these years. Right now, the female songwriter Nive Nielsen is receiving international acclaim and on the whole, there is plenty of growth on the music scene in Greenland.
- The younger generation of Greenlanders is very aware of the rest of the world. This probably rubs off on the music and as a consequence, there are more artists who appeal to a more international audience.
The future 
- I am often asked where Greenland is going and I am very preoccupied by this question, just as other Greenlanders are these years.
- Greenland can hold its own in the international community but it is important that we hold on to our original culture, while we develop a modern Greenland.
New record
- I have a huge pile of songs ready for release in a new album. And I actually believe it will be a big step, ends Simon Lynge.
Bonus info about Simon Lynge:
At Starbucks they play Simon Lynge’s music in their cafés around the world. 
Simon Lynge’s father, Carl Lynge, is still an active musician and he has released several CDs in Greenland. 
In 2011 simon Lynge was on tour with Country Star Emmylou Harris.
Read the full article from the magazine here

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