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The Premier, Kuupik V. Kleist with the other political party leaders in the government coalition, Jens B. Frederiksen (Democrats) and Anthon Frederiksen (Kattusseqatigiit Partiaat).


Elections to the Greenlandic parliament Inatsisartut March 12, 2013

By greenland today 
31 JAN 2013
The President of the Government of Greenland Naalakkersuisut decided on Thursday 31 January 2013 elections to the Greenlandic parliament Inatsisartut.
Tuesday 12th March 2013 Greenlanders thus determine who will govern the country for the next four years.
The period may be crucial for the country's future, with the great interest there is for Greenland's raw materials from several countries and international companies.
Coalition & self-government
The current government is a coalition between IA, Democrats and Kattusseqatigiit parties. The coalition is in itself historically as a single party - Siumut - had been in power together with changing support parties, since Greenland gained home 1st of May 1979.
The current government of Greenland has been given real autonomy June 21, 2009, and as such can decide when they will take home the last few areas from Denmark.

Elections by the book
It is an ordinary elections in Greenland, where the government's term is four years, and thus should have new elections before in summer.
To be a political candidate in Greenland it requires at least 40 people to back your candidate. But the elections is not just a battle between individuals and parties.
Exciting campaign
Greenland's economy and future prosperity as well as the management and exploitation of Greenland's raw materials are among the main themes.
In addition, the choice can also be a choice between village and city, as urbanization - migration from remote areas to the cities - are very high in Greenland, and as in the rest of the world based on where there is educations and jobs.

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