Most of the northern hemisphere was affected by the last major volcanic eruption in Iceland.

Climate change could trigger more volcanic eruptions, warns scientist
By greenland today via RTCC
14 FEB. 2012
Volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tsunamis could all be consequences of worsening climate change, a scientist has warned.
McGuire warned of possible impacts of the Greenland Ice Cap melting. Speaking as part of the Guardian Science Weekly podcast, Bill McGuire, Volcanologist and author of the book »Waking the Giant« explained how past periods of melting ice caps and rising sea levels triggered intensified geological events.
Historical effects
– If we look back over the last 20 thousand years or so we go from a period of full ice age conditions – with great ice sheets covering much of the northern hemisphere down to the situation we have today where we have virtually no ice up there, he said.
– We can see from looking at that period, when the ice sheets melted and the ocean basins filled with water you had this response in the Earth’s crust…So you had more volcanic eruptions, more earthquakes, sub-marine landslides, all these sorts of things.
For example, in Scandinavia – Norway and Sweden, the earth’s crust bounced back by as much as 300 metres when the ice caps covering the countries melted, causing up to magnitude 8 earthquakes in Lapland, according to McGuire.
Similar effects in the future
– We have seen this happen in the past and the way things are going at the moment with our emissions and the in action on them we can see something like this happening in the future, explained McGuire.
McGuire pointed out that while these changes would not cause geological events to take place that would not have happened anyway at some point in the future, he did warn that these events could become more concentrated with climate change.
Source: RTCC
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Greenland rate of change in icecap height. Kilde Earth Observatory Nasa.