Interview with Bibi Chemnitz by Filip Gielda, Greenland Today
How did your career in the fashion industry begin? 
It started in 2006. It slowly become larger and larger.
Do you remember your childhood in Greenland? How did you feel after moving to Denmark?
I remember some of my time in Greenland, I moved first time to Denmark when I was 13 years old. It was strange to suddenly move to this country, speak Danish all the time and find new friends. It took me some time to get used to it. I think I have never really done that – I will always miss Greenland.

You were raised in two cultures, how would you assess the style of Danes? What do you think about Danish / Greenlandic style?

It’s a bit difficult to answer, because nature in GL has some influence on what actually makes sense to wear. It should, of course, preferably be quite practical as it changes from good to bad weather quickly. There’s also a lot more opportunities to shop around between different brands and shops in Denmark, so the question is not entirely fair. The Greenlandic style leans as much by the Danish, the Danish style is often simple and stylish, in Greenlandic style, however, there is perhaps a little bit more humor in it.


When we look at your clothes, I can see the influence of Greenlandic culture. What is the philosophy behind the brand Bibi Chemnitz? 

The philosophy of my brand is to make amazing and cool/beautiful clothes that combine the best of Danish design and elements from Greenland, like details of caps or prints. I want to show the world what Greenland has to offer, which is maybe slightly different from one can expect by thinking about it. It is important that it has a global and international dimension in itself, but it must be true to my Nordic minimalism.

To what extent the trends in the international “fashion world” affect your designs?

One can not help but squint a little to what is happening around, but I have from the very beginning until now kept reasonably confident in my style. My designs have probably become a bit more mature as though I have grown up over the last 6 years. It is primarily the Nordic style I find inspiration in, but there is more focus in my design on the interaction between Greenland and the rest of the world.

Can you notice some changes in the Danish approach to choosing clothes?

No, it would rather be that often people here choose something with some extra value in it, so there must be some sort of history in the brand and the product itself.

What do you think about the Danish “street fashion”?

Danish street fashion is really cool because it has some great trends that one can mix, like for example: super street / sport with more classic fashion. It is often the interactions that make things more interesting. In many other countries, the style is often much more divided and pure.

Do you have any favorite fabrics that you prefer over others? 

Perhaps wool, but I do not really have any rules. If I think it’s cool, I use it.

Are there any persons / celebrities that you would really like to make clothes for?

I am not that much up for that. It gives me a kick to see ordinary people walking around in my clothes. For example during my trip to Milan I saw a guy cycling around with my t-shirt on, it was awesome, I will be also pleased when I see people uploading pictures of my stuff on Facebook or Instagram.


What can a designer as you advise people in Greenland when it comes to clothes?

Each yourself, buy good things that are made with soul and where you have a connection to the brand.

3 great designers for you are …? 

Henrik Vibskov, Alexander McQueen and Bernhard Wilhelm. I was in Seattle last year with Henrik Vibskov and he was an incredibly fun and exciting person. It means a lot to me that the designer stands out, not one that copies of otherpeople’s products.

How much, for example, costs a dress from Bibi Chemnitz? 

Check out our online shop, we also send to Greenland. We have set ourselves the goal to put our price so most people can buy our stuff if it’s something they really want. I produce small amounts for each style and I produce in Europe therefore my prices may not be super low. But if you compare my prices with other brands like my own so it is actually quite cheap.

Where is it possible to buy your clothes? 

My brand is now available in a number of towns in Greenland, Nuuk Nønne, Anuni Aasiaat, Anuni Sisimiut, Timimut Qaqortoq, Nea Qasigiannguit, Butik 56 Ilulissat, but it is also sold in Denmark, Germany, Italy, Hong Kong, Japan anda number of other countries.

What are your plans for the future? Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 

In ten years I hope for my brand to be a brand that is known for cool designs, good quality. I’d love to have a certain, small and stable amount ofcustomersaround the world.

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