Aviaja Soerensen

23 years old, apprentice painter
Loves her education
I have always loved to paint and I like to be active. I use a lot of energy when painting to make things beautiful, so our customers can be happy with the result. I LOVE my education!
Do you follow the Greenland Fashion page on facebook?
I just discovered it. It looks very exciting, so I will definitely follow it more often. I think it’s fun to see the different styles people have. We Greenlanders are very different, it will be fun to follow.
What does fashion mean to you?
I have my own style and I love clothes! You can never have too much clothes. I have worked in Pisiffik and Ole’s Varehus, so I have a lot of clothes.
I am not that into fashion, and I don’t buy fashion magazines.
I buy clothes that I like. I have always loved colors, so my wardrobe is full of beautiful colors.
I can never get enough of colors, I probably look like a rainbow! Haha! I think the colors I wear say a lot about me, and it is very rare that I wear black. I think I only have one black shirt. But I have lot of black leggings, as black can be used as a base for all colors. I have many pairs of shoes. I love fun shoes that have colors and decorations.
My weakness is earrings and scarves! I can not get enough of them! I do not even know how many pairs of earrings I have, big earrings and fun earrings. Earrings will always fit you, they can not get too small or too big.
As with scarfs, you can always wear one, to kinda brighten up your look.
aviaaja-397 aviaaja-232
Are you passionate about your clothes, shoes, handbags, jewelry, watches, glasses, etc…?
I love to buy new clothes. But I don’t consider myself a shopaholic. I usually buy affordable clothes, as I often find something that looks good on me.
Secondhand shops are my favorite place to shop. They just have the coolest clothes at cheap prices and I love that. And you can often find something that others don’t have. I love to mix all kind of styles, which makes me think I have a unique style.
I always use a handbag, as I have lots of things that I bring along. It’s not because I need them, but for some reason I just bring it with me where ever I go. I always have a snack in my bag, I love sweets!
aviaaja-312-2 aviaaja-312-3
I have never worn a lot of jewelry, but meting my boyfriend made me feel very feminine. So now I’m wearing jewelry. I love rings, especially big, big rings! Necklaces isn’t my thing – yet. They are so feminine, wearing them makes me feel like I’m going to the ball or something
When I had long hair, I couldn’t walk out the door without taken the time to put my hair up. So I usually ended up with a bun on top of my head.
I do not wear watches because I always have my phone with me.
I always wear my glasses, I love them. And Sunglasses, I love sunglasses! You can never have too many. BIG sunglasses that almost cover my whole face. I love the old-fashioned sunglasses, ’80s style.
What is most important for you to look good?
I can easily go out without makeup. And I usually just put on clothes. But there are days where I can’t figure out what to wear.
What to wear? Does it look good now? Those days I end up pulling all my clothes out. Then I forget to clean up after myself, because I just throw it all back in the closet again.
My hair? I have short hair now, so I don’t have to use rubber bands or wax..
Favorite stores and brands?
H&M, Vila, Vero Moda, Monki and second hand stores!
Have you considered becoming a model?
Model? No, but I love taking pictures. Although I think that it is awkward to pose in front of a camera.
I’ve had pictures taken, but the feeling is completely different than catching something in the moment. So I have no model dreams.
Pictures can say a lot. As it is said, a picture is worth a thousand words. And it’s true!
Although it might be fun to try, just to see how far you can go. I have always dreamed of a picture where I wear my colorful clothes, with a dark background.
I’m fine with my body, I love my shape as it is. There’s just something about the female body that makes you curious. Us women, we are so different, that makes us exciting ….
What do you notice first when you meet new people?
The face and the clothes. I have always been obverting people. We are all so different, so I love to stare at people. Haha.
Clothes say a lot about people – and their jewelry. Men wear their macho clothes, and women have their feminine clothes.
I find colors and shapes exciting!
I love to observe people’s hair styles too. It makes me think about why they have chosen the particular style, and what image they chose to give when leaving their house.
Do you have any »idols« when it comes to style?
I’ve never had an idol, cause I think everyone has their own style.
But I love what Barbara (from L.O.C) wears in the video »Helt min egen«. A little messy, but she mixes styles in a cool way.
Hot or Not:
Tattoo? HOT! I have tattoos and I love them! Our body is personal, so why not decorate it?
Piercings? HOT! I have a belly button ring and a tongue piercing. They are a part of my body.
Other body decoration Dermals, etc.? NOT! I am love big things and diversity. But huge holes in the ear and nose aren’t my thing at all.
Hats? HOT! There are some people who looks great with hats, and others who doesn’t look good with hats. But usually I like when a hat matches the outfit.
Strong colors? HOT HOT HOT! LOVE strong colors! We need more colors. They brighten up the world! And you get happy when you see lots of colors. Why do you think people love clowns? Haha!